GORILLACORN GAINZ – BJ Gaddour's 2019 Training Program
The Fabled Gorillacorn





The Fabled Gorillacorn

Where Shred Meets Gainz

Gorillacorn Gainz is an exclusive high-end coaching program for an elite group of only 50 men from around the world who want to train just like BJ “The Gorillacorn” Gaddour and learn how to achieve the holy grail of simultaneous fat loss & muscle gain.

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What you get

BJ's ACTUAL Training Program

This workout is what BJ does for himself, the one that gets him massive gainz consistently year after year. Get an unofficial PhD in GAINZ.

Phase Delivery System

Each quarter, the program is split in to phases that are designed to help you break out of natural training plateaus and experience results you've only ever dreamed of.

Weekly Private Livestreams

Get exclusive DIRECT access to BJ through live-streams and private Facebook group discussions. No one else has this level of access except for his Gorillacorns.

Private Facebook Group

Become a part of the most exclusive fitness group on the planet (or at least on Facebook). Gorillacorns have each other's backs.

Detailed Video Workouts

Each workout is broken down in to multiple videos with easy instructions to get you up to speed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Exercise Library

In addition to the workout plans, all exercise videos are added to an ever expanding library of videos categorized by muscle group.

Exclusive Audio / Podcast Content

The foundations of the Gorillacorn Gainz program are delivered in easy to consume audio and text formats.

Gorillacorn Mobility

Learn how to warm-up and properly execute the workouts without risk of injury.

Gorillacorn Recovery

Teach your body how to take advantage of all your hard work.

Gorillacorn Nutrition

Learn about food, nutrition, and optional supplements. Adopt BJ's nutrition program or learn to modify your own for maximum results.


This program features a one-year periodized training plan for all of 2019 that BJ will be doing right along with you. And you can’t find it anywhere else! There will be 4 quarters of specialized training over the course of the year, each quarter broken down into the following 3-Month rotation (one phase per month):

  • Phase 1 – SLAYER MODE: Stability & Stamina Emphasis
  • Phase 2 - BEAST MODE: Size & Strength Emphasis
  • Phase 3 - SICKO MODE: Power & Performance Emphasis

Beyond the specialized monthly training programs, this will be the ONLY place to access BJ for ongoing support and accountability via a member's-only Facebook group and a weekly 30-minute live stream answering all of your questions.


This program is $199/month and requires a minimum 3-month commitment to be eligible (paid-in-full options at discounts will also be provided). You will need access to a full arsenal of strength and conditioning equipment like dumbbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, a landmine/barbell, an AirDyne or Fan Bike, a slideboard (or fitness sliders), a pullup bar, dip bars, med balls, a bench/box/step, a suspension trainer, etc. Plus, you'll need to be able to fit 4-6 weekly training sessions lasting 45-60 minutes each into your schedule. You’re also expected to perform daily recovery work to accelerate results and maximize dem gainz!


Finally, it's NOT for everyone... just for fitness freaks looking to squeeze out that last 10-20% of their genetic potential who understand just how hard it is and how long it takes to create real, lasting change in your body. There's no bitching, moaning, or whining allowed.

If you're an extremely busy person who's just interested in burning fat and building muscle with 3 whole body workouts per week lasting 30 minutes or less and using minimal equipment, please join TheDailyBJ.com instead. It's much more accessible and affordable for those with general fitness goals.


BJ Gaddour Before Picture
Basic bitch BJ. In shape but not beastly, like the mythical gorillacorn.


BJ Gaddour After Picture
Beastly BJ. Strong like a gorilla, grace of a unicorn. This can be you.
The Gorillacorn
The Gorillacorn


Do you want to train just like BJ does?
Are you a gym rat looking to take your physique to the next level?
Do you have a well-equipped home gym or gym membership?
Do you understand what it is like to commit to an rigorous training plan?
Are you ready to make fitness a top priority and adopt a highly-active lifestyle?



Only 50 0 Spots Left!

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